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I am a couturier, creating timeless high fashion items to be worn by “creatures of beauty” - regardless of gender! While I do create some ready-to-wear pieces and collections, my approach is far removed from the wasteful and low-quality fast fashion of the modern world. I am passionate about high quality craftsmanship and each piece is created by me in my studio; from the designing and cutting of patterns to the meticulous stitching; I have even created my own fabrics in the past for specific garments. All my collections have a conceptual element or thematic inspiration that ties them together as a cohesive whole; my most recent work is inspired by brutalist architecture and LGBT+ activism and my next collection is inspired by The War of the Worlds - so there’s a lot of variety between collections but all channelled through my own creative vision. I also project manage and creative direct my own photo shoots, marketing campaigns and runway events.

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